First of all, if you are here to see pictures of Sandhill Cranes, they were talked about in yesterdays posting which you can find immediately below this one – but please read this on your way there, it’s full of interesting stuff …

After yesterday’s triumphs, today we went to Ile Bizard to see what was around. The early wind kept some of the birds quiet for a while but we finished with the following collection of 46 species – which included the first Hummingbird of our year sunning himself on a twig, several Marsh Wrens displaying and telling the world to b-off on reeds right beside the passarelle, many gorgeous Baltimore orioles including one in a tree full of blossom (inevitably, having a guest with us, I had decided to travel light and not take the camera this morning, a decision I regret), a Thrasher displaying on a tall tree and a Least Bittern that emerged at high speed from a clump of green reeds, hurtled across a 30 foot gap just above the water level and dived from sight in another reed bed hoping nobody was looking. Sora and Virginia rail were heard. Finally, a beautiful female Pileated Woodpecker was knocking seven bells out the base of a tree by the roadside just to left as you cross the road from the car park – bits of splinter flying everywhere, most impressive.

About 11.00am we returned to the car feeling all was beginning to quieten down as the day warmed up and midday approached and almost called it a day – however we stuck with it and made a short stroll towards the acceuil and the river to find the trees there full of totally different species to the main part of the park. Lots of warblers in the trees near the beach including Bay-breasted amongst others and between the car park and beach “flocks” of Redstarts and a mini-flockette of GCFlycatchers.

The final count for the day was 46 species making the weekend total a gratifying 64. Today’s birds were:

Pied-billed Grebe – Great Blue Heron – Least Bittern – Canada Goose – Wood Duck – Mallard – Virginia Rail (heard) – Sora (heard)- Greater Yellowlegs – Ring-billed Gull – Common Tern – Black Tern – Ruby-throated Hummingbird – Hairy Woodpecker – Pileated Woodpecker – Great Crested Flycatcher – Eastern Kingbird – Tree Swallow – Marsh Wrens in profusion – Gray Catbird – Brown Thrasher – Wood Thrush – American Robin – White-breasted Nuthatch – Blue Jay – European Starling – Red-eyed Vireo – Yellow Warbler – Magnolia Warbler – Black-throated Blue Warbler – Yellow-rumped Warbler – Black-throated Green Warbler – Bay-breasted Warbler – Black-and-white Warbler – American Redstart – Ovenbird – Chipping Sparrow – Song Sparrow – Swamp Sparrow – Northern Cardinal – Red-winged Blackbird – Common Grackle – Brown-headed Cowbird – Baltimore Oriole – American Goldfinch – House Sparrow