There’s quite a gang of “new” Hairy Woodpeckers around at the moment, all furiously squabbling over dining rights at the peanut feeders and which trees they are allowed to peck in. The Downies don’t seem to go in for this, but the Hairies flit up and down the rows of tress between the gardens and swear and curse at each other with some apparent animosity.

Their larger cousins, the Northern Flickers just sit in the ttrees and try to outgun each other for volume – not a mellifluous noise.

On the mammalian front, local families of Raccoons are often seen wandering through the garden at twilight, checking the pond and enjoying the evening air – one junior chap(ess) even wandered onto the deck, put a paw on Jean’s shirt tail, looked cute andwe swear asked “any hot-dogs lady?”

It’s hot – enough of this nature study – time to take the canoe down to the river.