This winter, instead of sorting through the CDs deciding what seasonal music to listen to while putting up the winter tree I opted to spend a happy afternoon creating a seasonally specific Spotify playlist – and sharing it. We do Christmas, of course we do, but we really enjoy the Winter Solstice a few days before so this collection has some not so common tracks in it as well as the old favourites.

I was more than a bit surprised to find that at least half of the Christmas etc music we have listened to for years (over and over again) is not in the Spotify catalogue – I thought they were supposed to have one of everything, it’s their selling point. Clearly not so. Anyway, that gave me the incentive to seek out alternatives. Mission accomplished.

If you are at all interested in listening to something a little different – no pop music though – there here is a link to our playlist. About an hour and a half in total – all good stuff. Guaranteed.

** I’ll be interested to get some feedback – did you enjoy it?