I probably take far too many photographs that document places we have been wildlifing and birds and plants and mammals and insects encountered … and then throw many of them away. Surprisingly, some of you (sometimes) like to look at the “keepers”  so this is how to do so.

For those who like technical details you can find out about the equipment we use at this page .

Untitled-1I have a separate website devoted solely to our photographs with a number of small, carefully selected collections of themed albums. You can view the site here





zenfolio-homeA larger selection of our photographs are available for you to browse in our stock-photography gallery hosted at Zenfolio … here.


There are a lot of pictures in the gallery – if any are of interest to you then we are very happy for you to make use of them on your own website or blog PROVIDED you are a non-profit or charitable organisaton working in the field of conservation and the environment. If you are, then there is no useage fee but note that the copyright remains with us and we require you to (a) let us know which images you are using and how and (b) give us appropriate credit on the web-page you post them to. If you want prints then you must get in touch first and we will talk about the details.

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These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Thank you for understanding.

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