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Long legs but not a “long-legs”

Today we have a lovely, large harvestman – specifically (at least so i believe) a Brown Daddy Long-legs (Phalangium opilio) some 3 to 4 inches from foot to foot that was hanging out on the wall of the house catching some rays this afternoon.

Not exactly uncommon, it’s the widest spread of its family on the planet … also, despite having four pairs of legs it’s not strictly a spider. Even more, we also have here yet another instance of innocently mis-used common nomenclature on this continent. Like Robins. This is certainly a harvestman but it is not, at least not to one who learned his taxonomy in Europe, a Daddy long-legs, a name which in the UK is reserved for Tipulidae or Crane Flies with six long legs and a pair of wings. Quite a different creature. Glad to have been able to sort that out for you all 🙂

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