Cackling Goose (Bernache de Hutchins) Branta hutchinsii


Status: Rare (M r)

eBird Sightings Map:

The smaller relative of the Canada Goose is almost never seen in the Montreal area in numbers that exceed 10 and are virtually only present in spring and fall migration. In the abundance chart below, Cackling Goose (blue) is overlaid with the abundance chart for Canada Goose (gray) where it can be seen that the presence of Cackling Geese coincides with the seasonal migratory increases in Canada Goose numbers but are otherwise absent from this area.

cacklinggooseCackling Geese are normally seen in small numbers, often singly or in pairs, with rarely more that 8 or 10 birds at a time. Check flocks of Canada Geese for their presence amongst them during spring and fall migration. Most reports in the area have come from the Chambly basin and further south in the Richelieu valley and from the Rivière-des-Milles-Iles north of Laval. A group of 10 was twice reported in 2015 from the Bordelais Bog in St-Lazare and in the same year 43 were seen together in the Voyageur  Park just across the Ontario border. These are birds that have to be searched for but they are present most years.