Brant (Bernache cravante) Branta bernicla


Status: Rare (M)

eBird Sightings Map:

Not a commonly seen bird but they are reported flying over or from the waters around Montreal almost every year as incidental observations. As the abundance chart shows they are spring birds, rarely seen at all in fall migration. The start to arrive in the last week of April, peal by mid May and then decline  rapidly in number of sightings.

brantThere are no particular hot-spots for Brant and most are seen while flocks of Canada Geese etc are being scanned for outliers. St-Lazare sand pits might be worth visiting perhaps (36 seen there in May 2005) but none more recently despite a large number of birders paying visits, small group of one or two dozen have appeared in recent years in the Récré-O-Parc. The Chambray basin seems to a attract them most frequently though mostly just single geese or a pair although 75 were reported in May 2015 from that area. In 2006 a flock of 200 were seen near Sorel.