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‘Arry the Apprentice ‘Awk

‘Arry the Apprentice ‘Awk in “A Tale of a Missed Breakfast”


Regular readers of these stories will know that we have been following the daily adventures of a pair of juvenile Cooper’s Hawks that hatched in a tree a few yards from our door this summer. One of the maple trees over our garden pond has been adopted by one or both of the youngsters as a good place to hang out and decide where to go hunting next. This morning one of the two birds (the other was nearby and they were calling to each other but we only saw one) took up station and I thought to get a few more photographs – such a handsome bird. It’s remarkable how close the bird allowed me to come to him … totally ignored me as I stealthily approached.

Turns out he may be handsome but he has a lot to learn about being a Hawk.

Here is a short photographic essay in what not to do if you have aspirations to being respected amongst your Hawk peers … it’s followed by a short video for which, please turn up the sound.

Sit back and enjoy – sheer comedy:

This is ‘Arry … ‘Arry is a New Hawk and still learning his trade. This is ‘Arry’s favourite daytime perch from which he sallies forth after Chickedees and other small meals that won’t fight back.


“See how handsome I am – Lord of All I survey”


“What’s ‘at?  Did I hear something?”


“Oh, another of those ‘effin squirrels – I’ll ignore him, they give me indigestion”

What ‘Arry doesn’t appreciate is that his chosen branch is a major squirrel highway … and he’s blocking the road


“Bloody birds … got to get past him somehow. Strike the first blow, be brave … “


“Coming through – outta my way mister”




‘Arry leaps with flapping wings to the branch above … breakfast passes between his feet … ‘Arry returns to where he was

“What? Me, scared? Nah – must’ve been the other bird”


“Hah … Mission Accomplished 🙂 “


Click the link below to play the video (turn on sound)

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  1. Nice story, next year he won’t miss the squirrel

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