2016 Bird Lists

During 2016, species within the circle, on the patch and in the garden came in as follows …

For the record, I am keeping the usual number of separate but overlapping local patch lists … see the equavalent page to this for the year 2014 for details.

Note:  2016 is not a competitive year, I have other stuff to do this year so my birding will be a bit more relaxed than in 2014.

Canadian 2015 year lists up to the latest update of this page :
  • Garden species = xx  (x% of 110 life list for site)
  • West Island Plus = xx (x% of 195).
  • Green Corridor = xx ( x% of 149)
  • Wildlife circle species = xx (x% of 176)
  • Morgan Arboretum = xx (x% of 136)

The eBird list for the “West Island Plus” patch is:

The birds are listed by date in the order they were first seen since the beginning of the year