Wildflowers but not “weeds”.

There are two interesting plants here for consideration today. The tall, yellow one is a Toadflax, but it’s hard to know which species. It seems probable (ie: it ticks all the boxes) that it is Yellow Toadflax (Linaria vulgaris) also known as ‘butter and eggs’ – technically it is an invasive plant with a bullying habit but as it was introduced to the continent from Eurasia sometime in the 1600s for medicinal purposes, I rather think we can assume it has made its home here.

The orange flowered plant is a milkweed and possibly Butterflyweed (Asclepia tuberosa) which is a native milkweed that we acquired from a friend who has been cultivating it along with other milkweeds for the purposes of helping out the monarch butterflies.  In this north-eastern part of the continent this is the specific milkweed that Monarchs lay their eggs on and which the caterpillars feed on.  It is supposedly difficult to transplant once established, but we succeeded!

Yellow Toadflax

Yellow Toadflax (Linaria vulgaris)


Butterflyweed (Asclepia tuberosa)