Help …

I am not totally happy with the image gallery option offered by the blog template (which in all other respects is very nice).  I had found a stunningly good system that worked so well I could not believe it … until I discovered that anyone using internet explorer as their browser could not see it as Mr Gates’s fairies haven’t told IE how to read the code.  I do have other options however using third-party software and so I invite comments and “votes” from anyone passing this way as to which you prefer from the four samples shown below.   Please  email me at or, if you came to this via Facebook, just add a comment there – just the number of the option will do.

Thanks for your help – tell me which you prefer and I will use it henceforth.


(1) First the basic default gallery … click any image to see larger versions that can be scrolled through.

(2) The default set can also be shown as a slideshow like this …


(3) Using the “fancy” options we can have a simple set of thumbnails – click any one to see a full size image and use the next link to move on to others (lower left – not large) or switch to the slideshow using the link provided

[nggallery id=3]


(3) Or I can offer larger images that you can browse through via the links at the bottom

[imagebrowser id=3]


(2) Finally, an alternative slideshow that will run through the gallery of images, six seconds at a time:

[slideshow id=3]




Thanks for your help