Good question – mostly birding of course but while the birding has been quite enjoyable there have not been a whole lot of startling revelations recently so I have been saving the Mbytes.  As you know we are doing the ArBY this year and have also committed to giving an at least weekly bird census to eBird for the Arboretum … that and last weekend was the GBBC and you can see we have been busy …. But not much to talk about.  As the spring approaches things will improve dramatically.

Meanwhile – we are leading the annual Migration bird Walk at the Arboretum on May 23 if anyone is interested din joining the fun – last year was spectacular with colourful warblers hanging from the trees everywhere.  It’s limited to 20 people and anything on two legs younger than 12 years old is banned – sign in at the office, prebooking is essential.

On another front, it is now two weeks since I added an Apple MacBook to the armory s an adjunct to the collection of windows machines we have around the house … I was expecting great things but it’s better than that.  I am now a sad convert and can only look down sadly on those still to make the leap.  The big windows desktop will still run the websites and do the heavy lifting for the Photoshop jobs but for everything else the mac is just splendid – not sure why or how but everything seems easier and is certainly faster.  Boot time on the desktop windows machine is about 5 minutes, on the mac notebook its maybe 30 seconds.  Works for me.