A while ago I started experimenting with a website (blipfoto.com) that encourages people to post a single daily photo as a sort of visual journal. I found that I could manage the discipline of doing this … but I think it’s better to share the daily pictures somewhere that I can fully control the content and make it look just how I want it to look.

My other website at greenbirding.com has been through several iterations since it was all about birding and for some time now has been where I have posted just occasional photos that I think have particular merit or interest for my friends. This is simply an extension of that.

You can visit the site any day you feel like it to see what the latest offering is – OR you can subscribe to the site and get a brief email each Sunday at noon (Montreal time) containing a link to the previous week’s seven photographs. The Monday to Saturday pictures are one-a-day while the Sunday picture is something meaningful from my lengthy archives to pique your interest.

Come and visit.