First of all, if you are here to see pictures of Sandhill Cranes, they were talked about in the day before yesterdays posting which you can find a bit below this one – but please read this on your way there, it’s full of interesting stuff …

Yes, it’s true, we garden as well as bird and having spent two days hard gardening and this being La journée des patriotes (Victoria Day elsewhere in Canada but are good republicans so we kinda like the Quebec alternative – it’s a day off whatever you call it) we decided to get down in the dirt.

But first the almost-but-not-quite garden bird of the day …. a female Rose-breasted Grosbeak. there has to be a flashy male somewhere but she’s nice too, in a restrained sort of a way:

As we were settling down for our post-labours cuppa tea (the British genes still function in us) we were visited by a new bird for the garden list, not just for this year but altogether – a Scarlet Tanager … definitely the garden bird of the day and year and not at all restrained

It had clearly been a hard day for him as well as he decided to take a dip in our special bird spa …

And now for the garden – it always looks good and bosky at this of the year so for those of you have not seen it, or have not seen it recently, here is how it looks today:

The front garden with the huge paper birch tree, the nicely growing rowan tree (lots of autumn berries for the birds) and quite a few narcissi still blooming

The newly repainted and planted window boxes at the front

The “wild” garden under the larch tree
The rock bed

Fresh fern shoots around the waterfall plus hostas and lily of the valley

What passes for a vegetable garden – raised beds worked on the no-dig principle with fresh compost overlayed for the worms to incorporate. We have decided to give them a rest from tomatoes this year and have planted potatoes to loosen up the soil (and because they taste good freshly dug) with a corner for salads and herbs to come.