Addendum I refound this page as I enter the home syraight to becoming 70. Can’t say I would change anything.

I planned to update my “Being 60” page when I turned 65 but somehow never got around to it. (Same now I am homing in on 70)

I am now in the home straight to being 66 and have decided that I won’t bother … if youngsters want to know how the world works just ask and I will happily tell you … but I would rather that you work it out for yourselves. After all, what does an old geezer know about modern life, even if I have made it this far in pretty reasonable comfort? A clue – getting it right and paying the bills involves commitment and work. Work should preferably be at something you truly enjoy because you’ll be doing it for a good 40 years to come.

… and now I’ve a garden to grow and birds to enjoy.