Good day, kind reader.

Thank you for being interested enough to visit this page and enquire after my health … which is very good, thank you, considering that I was born in 1859 and am not as young as I once was.

I suppose that I am really just one of those many, many natural scientists of the Victorian era who has been passed by and forgotten.  One must be realistic. Fortunately, however, thanks to the magic of the internet and the assistance of the Sparroworks and the fine young(er) fellow who pilots it I am able to share my experiences, thoughts and dubious opinions with a small but discerning public – to whit, yourselves.

I have decided to share with you an image of myself as I like to be remembered and not as age has rendered me …

Myself, some years ago
Myself, some years ago

… and so.  I was born in the English fenland village of Mirkmere, son of Walter Grimley, and educated at the Huntingdon Grammar School (as was that fine fellow, Oliver Cromwell before me) eventually taking my degree in natural philosophy at the University of Cambridge and a fellowship at Pennipotentum College  where I occupy the Perpetual Chair in Esoterica.  My duties have never been onerous and much of my life has been employed in the service of studying that fine, and melodious bird so close to humanity, Passer domesticus or the House Sparrow.  Some years ago I emigrated to what was then the Empire and today keep this journal from Quebec, which i find more conducive to a civilised lifestyle than the hurried and rushed place England has latterly become.

I am making use of this new technology to share with you some of my insights – thank you for your attention.

Dr. Walter Grimley
May 2009 (the 150th anniversay of my birth)

PS: My entries in this electronic journal – or postings in this ‘blog’ as the uncivilised will prefer today – start with an archival collection of the material that has hitherto appeared under the auspices of “Sparroworking in Quebec” the original version which you may find at and which will, I am told, may continue there as a day-to-day record of matter ornithological and horticultural under the hand of my able assistant, R.  Those journal entries are repeated here for interest if you care to see some rather fine photographs … but from this day our paths, our postings if you will, are going to diverge in intent and content and you will need to visit both electronic journals to maintain contact with our pursuits.

PPS: A Google search for information about Walter Grimley (by a friend who shall remain anonymous, but who has too much time on his hands) resulted in this line of a movie description of Billy Wilder’s Double Indemnity (1944) – “….. Walter grimly shot her twice at point-blank range – during their erotic embrace”.

The full quote is at