Spring Planting

Last year was the year of experimental vegetable gardening, not that we don’t have many years of experience but very little of that in Canada. We had three excellent raised beds installed for us by Urban Seedling and stock the beds with seedling vegetables or seeds obtained from the same people.

The beds are each 8ft x 3ft and divided into one square foot areas in each of which different vegetables are planted or sown. As each variety matures and is eaten there is something else ready to take its place. Basically with very high density growing and three seasonal (spring, summer, fall) plantings we grow more than enough for the two of us and some over to store in the freezer. The productivity is very high.

This week, the spring seedlings will be delivered.

Two of the beds have supports for climbing beans and tomatoes but we also grow varieties of salads including some oriental ones with great taste such as tatsoi and mizuna, roquette, peas, bush beans, peppers, aubergines, onions, garlic and those sorts of things.

To give you an idea of what the beds look like here are a couple of images from last year. One showing a bed in early spring and the other packed out with mature food in mid summer.

Lastly – here are the intended planting schemes for the three beds for the spring season …

** Of course, there will be some substitutions etc but this is the “plan”

Bed A

Bed B

Bed C