This is not about birds, or gardens or bread … this is way ‘off-topic’, but worthy of note.  There has been a huge anmount of hype recently concerning the latest oeuvre from the Dan Brown fellow and he and his publishers are doubtless making millions.  One has a certain curiosity, while naturally deriding the whole genre in which he works, and so when I discovered that for a mere $9.99 I could download an e-version (ePub format) of the book for my Sony eReader rather than shelling out somewhere in excess of $30 I decided to have a look what all the fuss was about on the grounds that you can’t really be rude about a book you have not read.

I should have stayed with my instincts and saved the money … what utter and complete tosh, twaddle, balderdash and rubbish.  not even well written either,  It’s appalling drivel and this Brown character clearly has a masonic-religious crusade going.  By the end of the book it reads more like a trac t from some southern baptist holy-roller than a piece of fiction.  Diabolical (probably in both senses of the word).  I tried, I really did, I even got to the end of it but it was tosh from start to finish – and he gets paid for this stuff.  Lord, I do despair.

Save your money – spend it on the new sequel to Winnie-the-Pooh that is about to be released, that looks quite good.