It is quite normal here at this time of the year for pictures to be exclusively focussed on the glorious fall colours of gold and brown and red but a gentle stroll in the garden this morning before coffee reminded me that provided the gardener does not indulge in the practice of “tidying” plants before winter then there are still plenty of flowers – and bees working them once the sun shines warmly – to enjoy and appreciate. These flowers will stand in the snows and be dealt with when spring arrives before the new growth emerges.

The second picture is, however, an autumn tree. This splendid specimen grows just a few steps down the road from our garden and overshadows a footpath shortcut through the the next road and the cemetery. In the dark shadows below the leaves, lurk some buckthorn which is a shame. Yesterday, when the tree was immortalized, was especially dank, dull, wet and nostalgically “British” in its seasonal character – suitable weather for the loss of yet another British prime minister – we so hope sense will shortly prevail over there. Meanwhile, the sun shines again this morning and there are flowers to admire.