It’s still very cold and there’s doubtless more snow to come (mucky March is ahead) but the sun is starting to shine from a slightly more elevated angle in the last few days and when out of the wind you can actually feel some heat in its rays. Combine that with the observation that I have heard male Cardinals starting to call from their territories on a couple of mornings this week and a local report of a Great Horned Owl telling others to keep their distance from his nesting site and one begins to suspect that the year is starting to move along as it should. It’s cold, but it no longer feels as “wintery” as it did.

Last night was a total eclipse of the (full) moon and people got terribly excited … quite impressive in its way and I have posted a blurry photo below that at least shows some of the red colour that comes over it from light bending round the earth and being tinted by dust in the atmosphere, but I confess to not finding it immediately obvious why so many find astronomy fascinating when they could be birding. Such a waste of good optics.