The Weekly Views …  a small selection of our favourite photographs from the past seven days

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Two snow storms this week, snow depth around mid-thigh level and banks beside the roads where the ploughs have passed are up to the shoulders.  On the other hand, not quite as cold as it has been in recent weeks and there was sun and blue sky on a couple of days when the sunshine, when you were out in it, was surprisingly warm. No opportunities for even thinking about gardening.

Seven Days … and a loaf of bread

 … can you help me, please?

Experimenting a bit this week – I have used a different set of software to build this album … the one I have employed in earlier weeks is reliable but, it does not allow me to add captions to the pictures. The version below uses an alternative software that does allow captions (hover over a thumbnail to see them pop up) but I had avoided it previously as it hasn’t always functioned as it should on mobile devices when a thumbnail is clicked to enlarge the images. It seems that updates to operating systems have fixed the bug – at least they have on the devices I am able to test it on – but I can’t test on all configurations … if you have time to view this on a  mobile phone or tablet please comment below on your experience and if you do have a problem also mention what device and operating system you are using. Thanks – this will be a big help because being able to add titles and comments to pictures will make these small albums much more interesting.