The first appearance of a new idea … ready for 2018

We take quite a lot of photographs and (some of) you enjoy looking at them, however briefly. So far we have been posting the best as individual posts on this journal – and we will still do that for the very best – but it’s perhaps more convenient for us all to collate two, three, a half dozen pictures in one small weekly album. Like this …

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This week’s views …

(Left to right, top to bottom)

  1. The Gardeners’ Ease … a quiet seat in a calm corner of the garden out of sight of everyone except the birds and squirrels.
  2. Dried old Hydrangea flowers heading into winter.
  3. Two trees on the banks of the St-Lawrence. I have been photographing these particular trees since I first had a digital camera. Something different in each season.
  4. The first river-ice of winter starts to form in the bay below Fritz Farm
  5. It snowed – rather hard – Viburnum berries specially grown for birds and squirrels
  6. Squirrels really like red berries – depend on them even
  7. -22C on the banks of the St-Lawrence after a snow storm – very strong winds
  8. Just past dawn on a bitterly cold morning.
  9. Tobogganing on Allen’s Hill … no idea at all who these three are but it looked like fun
  10. Back in the day, photographers were more elegant than today. Must work on my haughty gaze.