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An eclectic and occasional collection of posts relating to some albums of old, rescued sepia photographs with commentary and a short story if I can manage to find the information needed to do so. I know many of these photographs originated in Leeds with some others from the midlands around Derby and Coventry. Hard at a century or more distance to know what was going one or, indeed, the names of the people preserved in sepia and so for convenience and because it adds to the story, I will use the conventions of “imaginative historic remembrance” in these posts. I conclude that the albums were put together by various members of the Tyke family from Utherdale, a bit to the north of Leeds.

  • Tyke – a person from Yorkshire. From the Norse Tik or female dog.
  • Tale – a usually imaginative narrative. As Winston Churchill once said, he “always preferred the tale to the truth”
3101, 2023

Off to the Seaside

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Back when the album photographs were taken, an annual holiday was not to Spain or Morocco or Florida but to the seaside. For people living in Yorkshire communities [...]

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