A Tale of an Errant Cat

This has been a rather exciting two and a half weeks at the Sparroworks – but entertaining too.

Around mid September a neighbour just around the corner posted on the town Facebook group that a cat she was looking after for a relative had nipped out of the door and if anyone saw her, then please send her home. A rather attractive young female by name of Minnie … and yes, we had seen her. She had appeared on the deck the day before and we just assumed she was yet another new resident or one of the sad cases that students on the nearby campus turf out to fend for themselves at the end of term. Minnie came back the next day. Minnie and Buster (our indoor guy) had staring matches through the window but it turned out out that Minnie was terribly nervous and would barely let you within 20 feet before she headed for the hills.

After discussing the case with her ‘carer’ we started putting food out just to keep her in the neighbourhood and after a few days she settled into her adopted garden. Much of each day was spent reclining on the high part of the garden waterfall where she could watch happenings but had several escape routes. No chance of catching her.

We picked up the food at dusk – we were not wanting to feed the local raccoons!

After trying all the usual tricks, a hired raccoon cage was delivered and we installed it this morning with a bowl of food. Yesterday had been cold and very, very stormy and wet so Minnie had not had much to eat as a consequence – this morning she came for breakfast but was extremely wary of the cage. However, cats + food inevitably resulted after several hours sniffing and looking in the clang of a successful capture.

Bye Minnie – nice little cat but with the forecast of the first winter frosts this evening we are pretty glad she has left.  The birds can relax too.

Quite the adventure.

“Hello – I’m lost”

Evening supper

Watching the world from the waterfall

NOT a cat … not at all

Gotcha !!!