The Magnolia is finally starting to open and hopefully by the end of today will be showing well … we are keeping our fingers crossed, however, as the weather forecast for the next few days is somewhat dire … there may even be the odd snowflake on Tuesday things could end badly.

We added a Chipping Sparrow, several White-throated Sparrows and a Northern Flicker to the Bigby list for the year and have been serenaded by pond toads most of the day.

White-throated Sparrow

A pair of Blue Jays amongst a gang of about 15 who were tearing aorund the neighbourhood this morning like a gang of hockey-hooligans

Toads making more toads

Meanwhile … birds visiting the header pool to have their portraits taken included American Robin, Common Grackle, Cedar Waxwing, Starling (they always arrive with a big splash and dive right in), Blue Jay and Red-winged Blackbird: