Finally – after a bit over 18 months gestation, my book about Green Birding has been published.  Well, truth to tell, it is in the publisher’s warehouse but Amazon is only taking pre-orders at the moment … who knows how the publishing industry works.

If you would like to do some comparative price shopping follow the links below … I hope to have copies for sale myself at an “advantageous” price but that may take a few weeks to put together.  Please send me an email if you are interested.






The publisher

Barnes & Noble


Green Birding (or GreenBirding – all one word) is about low-carbon local birding, attracting birds to your garden, patch birding, citizen science and generally being an environmentally responsible birder while still seeing many, many birds.

Green Birding started really about four years or so ago with the launch of the BIGBY challenge (go to our other site at to find out more, no point in repeating it all here.  There is a surprisingly large undercurrent of birders following this style of birding at least part of the time, there have been articles in the ABA journal followed by appreciative letters from readers.  Why drive half the day to see a bird when you can find amazing things within a walk of home?  Cut your carbon emissions and lengthen your life lists at the same time.

It’s been a fun and an interesting experience putting this together.  I was approached out of the blue by the publishers to see if I was interested and saw it as a challenge – one that paid off (not financially, I am not getting rich with this!) and which focussed my thoughts on what the whole GreenBirding and patch birding business was all about.

I hope you enjoy reading it.