Another non-bird post … this time a few images from a cocktail-hour stroll around the garden which looks especially god at this time of the year.

First – one of the insect denizens. Not sure if this is a product of our garden pond, but it is an immature of its species and was near the pond so could well be. This gorgeous dragonfly is an immature male Common Whitetail (Plathemis lydia).  When mature, the whole abdomen turns a chalky white, passing through a milky pale blue phase on the way there.

Against a different background 9lettuces) you can appreciate the veining in the wings …

The first of the water-lilies are now open in the sun

A wild-type Rosa rugosa from near the front door

A climbing rose on a trellis separating the fruit and vegetable garden from the more aesthetic portion

We particularly enjoy the textures in this area … the dusky, smoky coloured shrubs near the back area are actually Rosa rubrifolia that we planted ten years ago when we first came to this house and which are now just as we hoped they would be. Worth the wait. In the fall (or autumn, as we used to call the season before we were linguistically corrupted) they will have huge bright red hips on them for the birds and squirrels.

The flowers of the Rosa rubrifolia in better detail. They only last a week or two at most but are just perfect.

Lastly – another of our plantings that has come into its own – this is a bit of native shrubbery … a “Pagoda” Dogwood tree in flower