Time for an update on matters horticultural … the garden has benefitted from recent heavy rains and longer peiods of hot, hot sunshine and is looking very colourful at the moment.  In particular, the ever-expanding collection of lilies are showing extraordinarily well right now …

We also have a several Lilium regale in flower … one of them towering over the both of us, it must be about 7 or 8 feet high.  This picture shows it as I see it looking upwards:

Lurking around some large plantpots, we have been joined by this excellent giant Toad … probbaly one of “our” toads as the pond is full of spawn and tadpoles each spring.  We occasionally get frogs, but these fine fellows are more common.

Birding is not forgotten … how could it be?  The Butternut tree is hosting a large and rather scraggy American Robin nest which has already produced one crop of youngsters and seems to be well on the way to setting a second brood into the world.  This is the nest –

The next two pictures show one of the Robins from the first batch – they are full sized but their chests are still spotted.  the spots will go once they are mature but this rather confirms their taxonomic relationship to the Thrush family … robins by name but not by genotype.