This site does not endorse products in the normal way of things and certainly takes no advertising revenue (not enough visitors to make it profitable) but so many people have asked about our new toys that I am using this forum to spread the word.

Recently, I had need of a small and light laptop computer – my regular one weighs almost eight pounds – but didn’t want to spend a fortune.  As luck would have it I walked into the only store in Montreal that had what I needed.  For just $350 I am now the proud possessor of a marvel sold under the name of an EEE PC by a company called Asus.  You can easily find the details via Google but basically it is a small, one pound weight laptop with a seven inch screen and flash memory – ie: no moving parts – that runs the Linux operating system, comes preloaded with the (wonderful) Open Office suite of programmes, wireless web access, browser, email client, personal diary application somewhat like Outlook, video and picture viewing software and even some games.  You could put it in your pocket almost.  The keyboard is small and compact but perfectly usable and so good are they that we now have one each.

And – they work “out of the box”.  Why did nobody tell us about these before?

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