Japanese Beetles in the Ascendency

Recently we wrote about the welcome appearance this summer of the eggs of parasitic Tachnid flies on the bodies of Japanese Beetles in the garden and we have been looking forward to a decline in beetle numbers as a consequence.

No such luck.

For the past four years, the Head Gardener has been keeping a tally of the number of JBs collected and killed in the garden – and each year the count has increased. When the count crept to almost 5000 by the end of the season last summer we thought that was as bad as things could get … and then 2019 arrived. Thus far with perhaps three weeks of beetlemania still to come the count is closing in on 7000 at the end of August.

Rather depressing – and worrisome to think what they would have done to the garden had the 7000+ that were located not been efficiently dispatched.