Well, it was a very green, mild and un-Quebec-like Christmas yesterday but a very pleasant one for all that, including some nice water birds on the St-Lawrence at the bottom of our road ……. Common and Hooded Mergansers and a small raft of Scaup as well as a flight of about 70 Canada Geese heading north. In the garden we were visited by a House Finch and had a very entertaining 15 minute war of nerves between three American Crows and a most determined red squirrel, each determined to lay sole claim to the bread we had put out in a tree. The squirrel is barely as big as a crow’s head but he rushed up and down branches chasing them away with great determination.

This Boxing Day though things are much more seasonal with several inches of (wet) snow having fallen already and the promise of more before the day is over. Compare the picture above to the one posted on Christmas Eve ….. it’s the same corner of the garden.

A bit of a cliché perhaps but the Northern Cardinal below is always a beautiful sight in the snow while the Morning Dove above just proves that these birds don’t have the sense to get in the shelter …. just look that snow on its back! Their common name amongst birders is “Dopes” – you can see why.

Lastly, the Hooded Mergansers were still around at the end of the road this lunchtime: