Thanksgiving Sunday 2019

A lot of summer is too hot while winters, delightfully cold as they are, are too long (they’d be fine if we could just skip the month of March). Meanwhile this part of the world is famed for its glorious autumn/fall colours which are just beginning to reach their peak this week – and this week is Canadian Thanksgiving.

Around breakfast time as the warmer, golden sunlight starts the day is the best time of year in our garden.

For example –

A Chinese grass, species long forgotten (Miscanthus sinensis – thank you Penny). Not native and doesn not support any, as far as we can tell, native creatures but it does provide a very effective shelter from predators (ie; neighbours cats) for small creatures

Katsura tree – not a native but a star for all that

Asters, viburnum berries, changing leaves and a seat to enjoy them from