An afternoon in July

The experiment with “no-mow” gardening continues and now we are in the first half of July and three years along the road to creating a “mead” where once there were boring, monoculture grasses.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words so here is a small gallery of photographs taken from various viewpoints as we walk around the garden – a mini-video also. The tour was recorded deliberately on a somewhat overcast day with diffuse light to get the best out of the varying shades of green.

A high proportion (not the lilies, of course) are native or naturalized plants … Echinacea, Rudbeckia, sunflowers, four species of clovers, wild carrot, Veronica, boneset, Monarda, tansy, golden rod and so on. Once the golden rod starts to flower later in the month the amount of colour will increase more.

Any of the small pictures below can be clicked on to enlarge it.