Flowers, flowers … and birds

Finally - birds are returning, flowers are starting to appear, albeit in small numbers, and buds are swelling as we draw close to the first week of May and the “Great Greening” of spring. The first daffodil to flower has appeared and plenty more are putting up buds. It’s a funny thing, back in England [...]

2017-04-23T11:09:44-04:00Sunday, April 23, 2017|

Quiet times

A quiet week in the garden with several cold nights, very cold nights to make everything keep its collective head down. Nevertheless, signs of approaching spring with birds such as the American Crows and Northern Cardinals making obvious signs of looking around for mates and nesting sites to make more American Crows and Northern [...]

2017-02-04T18:26:07-05:00Saturday, February 4, 2017|

Winter Progresses

7 January 2017 A moderately cold week to start the new year with a great dollop of heavy, wet snow followed by freezing rain in the middle of the week so that the snow cover is rather crunchy and sitting on a layer of ice. It will be doing what it is supposed to do [...]

2017-01-07T20:36:46-05:00Saturday, January 7, 2017|

Big changes afoot in the garden …

  A team of highly trained garden gnomes from the Sparroworks Wildlife Co. are spending December digging and delving in the internet and re-landscaping this website ( with the intention of (a) making it more pleasing to the eye and (b) launching a weekly Garden Journal starting in January. If gardening, especially wildlife gardening, [...]

2016-12-10T11:18:56-05:00Thursday, December 8, 2016|

2014 – another new year

A new year and a new birding challenge (several in fact) started with bright sunshine, a clear blue sky and temperatures hovering around -20C. It promises to be more like -28C by tomorrow morning though with windchill of -42C plus some snow  so we will take the sun and today's more balmy conditons, thank you. [...]

2014-01-01T15:20:58-05:00Wednesday, January 1, 2014|

Chickadee Wrangling Workshop

Every December the "Friends of the Morgan Arboretum" hold what is loosely known as a Winter Solstice celebration, mostly intended for short people and their parents. There are games, seasonal films, craft workshops, hot chocolate and cookies and a guided walk (led by the good folk from the Sparroworks) to see if the Chickadees will [...]

2013-12-15T16:34:36-05:00Sunday, December 15, 2013|

Garden birds – why gardens need a pond

Had a busy twenty minutes today in the garden this morning with birds flapping all over the place including Yellow-rumped Warblers (about twenty) and a nice Blackburnian amongst the regulars. Almost every bird was there because of the presence of the pond and waterfall - worth all the effort of installing because they certainly attract [...]

2013-05-19T12:24:09-04:00Sunday, May 19, 2013|

My “Wildlife Circle”

Wish I could think of a better term for this concept - but it will do for now. Following my expedition at the weekend (see last post) to the Ile-Perrot windmill seeking birds I decided to expand my "Wildlife Circle" from 7 to 7.5km diameter to make sure it is included.  This circle is the [...]

2013-04-23T17:54:09-04:00Tuesday, April 23, 2013|

Red-bellied Woodpecker – again

After a three week absence the Red-bellied Woodpecker returned to our garden feeders this morning (and for Feederwatch, too) and hung around just long enough for some record shots. I have posted the photographs as a 'gallery' this time ... clicking on any of the thumbnails below will open the gallery and you can scan [...]

2013-01-06T14:42:47-05:00Sunday, January 6, 2013|

Birds a plenty

Usually, the Northern Cardinals are territorial and stay out of each others way.  We get them in pairs, but one pair will wait for the other to leave before arriving.  This winter, for some reason, they are flocking with up to six females at least two males being seen at one and the same time. [...]

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