Messy Mix and Mousing

On the Weather Network website today they have a red banner marked Storm watch with the added promise of a “messy mix” … a delightful term. Last year we had been puzzled as to why the meteorologists kept forecasting light rain when it was coming down buckets and we asked a (retired) meteorologist friend the [...]

2012-01-11T12:14:46-05:00Wednesday, January 11, 2012|

Musings on the weather

This is being written from eastern Canada where we get a lot of snow, where it gets jolly cold and where life goes on.  In the past few days the news has been filled with two stories – one a big dump of snow hitting the eastern US and the other being the inability of [...]

2009-12-21T13:07:18-05:00Monday, December 21, 2009|
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