Quiet times

A quiet week in the garden with several cold nights, very cold nights to make everything keep its collective head down. Nevertheless, signs of approaching spring with birds such as the American Crows and Northern Cardinals making obvious signs of looking around for mates and nesting sites to make more American Crows and Northern [...]

2017-02-04T18:26:07-05:00Saturday, February 4, 2017|

Weighty matters

Going off the birds and gardens themes a bit today.  We read in the press this morning that the US right is getting itself into a lather about the supposed falling weight of the President ... apparently a non-weighty president is incapable of dealing with weighty matters.  The ultimate comment came from that profound thinker [...]

2010-03-07T10:13:37-05:00Sunday, March 7, 2010|

Musings on the weather

This is being written from eastern Canada where we get a lot of snow, where it gets jolly cold and where life goes on.  In the past few days the news has been filled with two stories – one a big dump of snow hitting the eastern US and the other being the inability of [...]

2009-12-21T13:07:18-05:00Monday, December 21, 2009|
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