Birds and Berries

At the start of the week we noticed that despite temperatures barely rising above freezing for several days and, in fact, achieving a record low temperature for the date in this area, the Japanese Acer still has most of its leaves, although they do look somewhat crumpled. The regenerated Euonymus disappointingly has shown no [...]

2017-11-18T16:34:28-05:00Saturday, November 18, 2017|

One step forward, one back …

It’s still not spring … Friday saw yet another dump of snow, not a huge one like last week’s but enough to be a nuisance. A month ago, 23 February to be exact, a tiny patch of snow at the base of a tree cleared away and a couple of snowdrops put their heads [...]

2017-11-22T08:42:16-05:00Saturday, March 25, 2017|

The Snow Retreats (slowly)

Red-breated Nuthatch Putting in a first appearance this winter in the garden was a Red-breasted Nuthatch to join the pair of White-breasted Nuthatches we have been entertained by more regularly. The RBNU are a more northern species than the WBNU and Montreal is pretty much as far south as they venture. He/she [...]

2017-03-11T12:17:55-05:00Saturday, March 11, 2017|

Dopes in Winter

Quite the week for snow as winter finally starts to show signs, albeit very slight signs, of heading towards the end of its run. Days are notably longer and the sun is higher in the sky each morning. All that and it's been a good week for birds ... there are photographs below: Along [...]

2017-02-18T17:40:23-05:00Saturday, February 18, 2017|

Starting A New Year in the Garden (with wildlife)

New Year's Day 2017 Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbours, and let every new year find you a better man.  Benjamin Franklin … and here we are at last with edition number one of of the Gardening for Wildlife weekly(ish) Journal. If you are new here, we published a test piece [...]

2017-04-09T13:19:40-04:00Friday, December 30, 2016|

Christmas Eve Disappointment

Squirrels are regulars in the garden of the Squirrelworks/Sparroworks HQ and at this time of the year they know there is food to be had if pnly they could get past the squirrel-baffles we have on the feeders. usually they cannot but right now we have one clever and athletic guy who has worked out that [...]

2014-12-24T12:06:49-05:00Wednesday, December 24, 2014|

Katsura gold

In the early years of our Canadian gardening adventure we purchased a Katsura tree from the arboretum and planted it next to the pond. We were advised that this was a small tree, maybe 15ft tall when mature ... that was wrong, it is a good bit past that height now and going strong. Should [...]

2014-10-05T17:21:24-04:00Sunday, October 5, 2014|

Way up high

Needed to go up on the roof this afternoon to block up a very, very small gap under the overhang that red squirrels have used to get in the loft and raise their young this summer. ( ... and, yes, we made sure they were all outside before anyone asks.) While up there I took [...]

2014-09-01T14:39:38-04:00Monday, September 1, 2014|

Baffled Squirrel

Our garden bird feeders are almost always knee-deep in gray squirrels that scarf down the reject seeds thrown out by the birds above but occasionally a cute and high-speed red decides to join them. In the sour-cherry tree In the katsura tree Baffled by the squirrel-baffle

2014-03-02T12:44:43-05:00Sunday, March 2, 2014|

Taking the sun

It's the beginning of february and the air is going to be cold and crisp for some weeks to come - but the sun is getting a little higher in the sky each day and you can actually start to feel some heat in its rays when there is no wind. The garden squirrels really [...]

2014-02-03T12:20:00-05:00Monday, February 3, 2014|
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