Supping with Susie Spider

A couple of weeks ago we posted some detailed pictures here of Susie Spider. Susie is a huge black and yellow garden spider (Argiope aurantia) who spun a very fine web in one of the front garden borders and has been living and dining there ever since. To be honest, we expected some "eeeuhh, [...]

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“Stabilimentum” Weaver

Argiope aurantia - the Yellow Garden Spider Despite being the "common" garden spider in this part of the world Argiope aurantia is not necessarily the commonest spider in our gardens ... but when it does appear, what a beauty. This one of the orb web spider, which is to say the group of spiders that [...]

2018-08-09T14:44:21-04:00Monday, August 6, 2018|Baie-D'Urfe, Garden, spider|

Finally – June in the Garden

All months are nice in the garden, but June has to be one of the best for sheer variety. Here are a few flowers we are enjoying as the month begins. Anemone canadensis Viburnum trilobum Spirea (Bridal Wreath flower) Molly's Dell Reliable Iris ... [...]

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Spiders … and Nice Weather for Gardening

Now we have reached mid-September we are already seeing, in neighbouring gardens, the armies of neatnick gardeners (and garden contractors) intent on making the world “tidy” before winter. So annoying, so unnecessary … they should relax and make their gardens “messy” ones and leave the cleaning until spring when there isn’t much else to [...]

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