A Shetland Ram and “Nae Vedgetabulls!”

A good 39 years ago we were in Shetland with light in the sky at mid-summer midnight, noisy Oystercatchers and a very territorial ram This is going back a few years, 39 in fact to June 1983. We were going to Shetland for a couple of weeks isolated self-catering with wildlife, [...]

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Adding Light

This photo was taken in a forest on the west coast of Scotland about five years ago and was remarkable for the mossy layer covering around and bark - extraordinarily atmospheric. More recently, I happened to be reminded of Terry Pratchet's "Wee Free Men" and for some reason this image bubbled to the surface [...]

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Why we are not tidy

Feeding the Birds There is a growing awareness (still a long way to go) that tidying the garden as we go into winter is a bad thing to do. Leaving our garden "scruffy" until spring means that birds like these American Goldfinches can find something to eat without needing to rely on our feeders.These [...]

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Memory Sunday #15 – The Paps of Jura

The Paps of Jura This was 1988 on an island-hopping vacation off the west coast of Scotland. We were based on Islay where all the wonderful whisky originates. Jura is the island to the north where only one whisky is made, but a very good one. Thirty years ago - gosh. [...]

2020-09-20T06:00:25-04:00Sunday, September 20, 2020|Landscape, scotland|
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