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Boeuf en croute

Today was the first day at work of the new year and not much happened other than everything got very cold as the temperature plummeted ... still very little snow though.  One small item of interest found in the press - you thought there was a recession on at the moment?  Wrong, sales of Bentleys [...]

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Bread news and a book

Bread news ... I have started posting a couple of basic and practical bread recipes ion this journal for those who fancy having a go at this addictive pastime.  Look in the menu to the right or the one at top of the page for the special section and have fun. A worrying book ... [...]

2009-09-27T16:44:28-04:00Sunday, September 27, 2009|

A recipe for buttery buns …

Petits pains viennois au beurre There is some interest in how the buttery rolls were made .... here goes: Ingredients: Sachet of yeast 3.5  cups warm milk 2 eggs 2 tablespoons sugar 1 or 2 teaspoons salt (optional) 3.5 cups all-purpose flour stick of non-salted butter Method; Dissolve yeast in warm milk, add eggs, sugar [...]

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