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Bird Magnetism with Blossoms

This is the week each year when we recognise that we can’t keep up with the rate of growth out there in garden-land. It’s also the week when bird migration really gets moving and the bird magnet (aka the waterfall) comes into its infallible own. Not long after last week’s newsletter was dispatched to inboxes [...]

2017-05-20T17:33:13-04:00Saturday, May 20, 2017|

Herons and Magnolias

The Magnolia stellata and Magnolia grandiflora are putting on good shows this year (such a shame there was actually snow mixed with last night's heavy rain). Mid-morning today a Great Blue Heron decided to visit us - he stood on the arch for several minutes looking at the pond before deciding that as it contains [...]

2012-04-23T14:34:29-04:00Monday, April 23, 2012|

Redpolls (at last)

This morning we received an email from a British birder stranded in Montreal for the weekend and who had found our website (www.sparroworks.ca) and was seeking help with ideas for places to go birding ... well, it's very cold right now, down near the minus twenties and heaven only knows what with the windchill.  Anyway, I sent him some suggestions and [...]

2011-01-22T15:40:25-05:00Saturday, January 22, 2011|


No - not the Canadian Broadcasting Company but the Christmas Bird Count at Hudson which we were involved with today.  CBCs are a tradition for birders and have been running for 107 years now so the data is building up ... the Hudson one isn't that venerable but it has a good few decades behind it. Unusually [...]

2011-01-02T14:46:11-05:00Sunday, January 2, 2011|

Lottsa Arbo Birds

During a guided birding walk through the Arboretum this morning (led by Jean and I) a total of 47 species were recorded .... including SSVs (soul-satisfying views) of the Red-bellied Woodpecker and confirmation of the return of the Bobolinks for yet another year ... despite the almost certain fact that the hay in their meadow [...]

2010-05-16T16:35:35-04:00Sunday, May 16, 2010|

Owl at the Arbo

We rounded off the first week of our ArBY (Arboretum Big Year) with a close up and personal view of the Barred Owl that a friend had reported a few days ago.  It was sitting in a tree overlooking the field between the Sugar Shack and Chalet Pruche which seems to have been the same general area, [...]

2010-01-10T17:03:25-05:00Sunday, January 10, 2010|

“Christmas” Bird Count

A couple of days ago we posted a note about the CBC tradition and today we took part (again) in the CBC centred on Hudson just west of Montreal.  It snowed all day and the visibility gradually got less and less - that together with a highish wind made the task of finding birds pretty [...]

2010-01-03T17:10:53-05:00Sunday, January 3, 2010|

Exotic duck sighting

Today's walk in the arboretum enticed us to wander along a trail not travelled, we believe, by anyone since the snows started falling last year – in fact it's a trail not heavily used at any time of the year. Now that most of the snow has melted you just need good waterproof boots to [...]

2009-04-05T13:48:11-04:00Sunday, April 5, 2009|
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