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The Great St Valentine’s Day Storm

Which is to say, the huge and deadly storm that paralysed the US but which was just another day in paradise up here where we fit winter tires to our vehicles ... A nice dump of snow made everything look shiny and new again so we did some photography up at the arboretum. Winter has [...]

2014-02-14T17:10:41-05:00Friday, February 14, 2014|

Bright, white day

Today started at -19C and didn't really get any hotter but the sun has been shining from a clear blue sky and it's the sort of day (assuming you have a decent coat and boots) to really appreciate.  hard to understand why so many people (the snow birds) flee winter for long weeks in steamy [...]

2013-12-16T17:06:31-05:00Monday, December 16, 2013|

Philipsburg Bird Sanctuary

We are doing a lot of renovation and upgrading work at the BPQ bird sanctuary at Philipsburg about 90 minutes drive south of here near the US border. Last weekend we were doing some trail mapping and I took the opportunity to snatch a few short video clips ... I hasten to add that these [...]

2013-07-07T12:19:22-04:00Sunday, July 7, 2013|

Trilliums and Owls

This is a bizarre week - outdoors the sunshine and the temperatures are more like late June than the first week of May and we are already watering less than drought tolerant plants in the garden.  Right on time though, the Devil's spawn dandelions are springing up all over the lawn and claiming hours [...]

2017-11-21T15:31:58-05:00Saturday, May 4, 2013|

Maple Syrup time is approaching

Walking in the arboretum before lunch we saw that the maple stands (or "sugar bush" as they often call them) are sporting newly installed sap buckets.  It won't be long until the sap is flowing and the syrup is being boiled down.  The syrup from the arboretum is always the best - it is boiled [...]

2013-03-02T13:33:18-05:00Saturday, March 2, 2013|

NOT a Great Gray Owl

All week there have been reports of a very cooperative Great Gray Owl in the arboretum while I was stuck behind my microscope at work.  Naturally this was frustrating, especially so as it seems to have stayed pretty much in the same place all the time and plenty of people have seen it.  We didn't [...]

2013-02-11T17:57:38-05:00Sunday, February 10, 2013|

Inauguration of the AKR

A couple of years ago, Bird Protection Quebec (whose president is guess who?) contributed $300,000 to help the Nature Conservancy of Canada acquire a vast tract of land in the hills north of Montreal between Piedmont and Prévost. Today, the government finally signed off on the designation of this land as a recognised nature reserve [...]

2013-01-31T17:58:00-05:00Thursday, January 31, 2013|

Christmas Bird Count 2012

Today was the annual (and 73rd) Christmas Bird Count centred on Hudson, a village to the west of Montreal. CBCs, for those not in the know, are a snapshot of the birds in a 15mile circle that can be compared from year to year and so give a picture of changes in bird populations - [...]

2012-12-29T18:14:48-05:00Saturday, December 29, 2012|

Birds a plenty

Usually, the Northern Cardinals are territorial and stay out of each others way.  We get them in pairs, but one pair will wait for the other to leave before arriving.  This winter, for some reason, they are flocking with up to six females at least two males being seen at one and the same time. [...]

2012-12-22T15:58:56-05:00Saturday, December 22, 2012|

Dahlias and Sweat Bees

Another stunningly hot day today - +30degC in the shade and far too hot to anything but hide next to the AC outlets in the house. For all that, a circuit of the grounds at Sparroworks Hall was required just to see what was  out and about.  Painted Ladies were out and about once more, [...]

2012-08-25T16:18:12-04:00Saturday, August 25, 2012|
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