High Water (still)

Back in May there were bad floods around the island - waters are still high over six months later due to summer long attempts to lower levels back in the Great Lakes, in fact they have been rising again in the past week or two. Sony RX10m3 camera lens 80mm ISO 100 1/500s [...]

2017-12-09T18:02:12-05:00Wednesday, December 6, 2017|photography|

Passing Warblers and Big Bees

The week started with NO Japanese beetles being found and fingers crossed that their season had finally come to an end … it also started with a Bay-breasted Warbler in one of the Rowan trees. Good auguries for the week to come. Monday produced Warbling Vireo, Magnolia and Black-throated Green Warblers and … a [...]

2017-09-09T20:27:20-04:00Saturday, September 9, 2017|Baie-D'Urfe, Birding, birds, flowers, Garden, Gardening, Insects|

Falling into a Warbling Week

As the weather cools down (thank goodness) the first tints of autumn are beginning to appear and many leaves are starting to look tired. We have a large bank of mixed dogwoods on the southern edge of the garden and it is full of juvenile Song Sparrows, Purple Finches, House Finches all searching for [...]

2017-09-04T07:31:57-04:00Sunday, September 3, 2017|birds, flowers, Garden, Gardening, Uncategorized|

Summer 2016

Adobe seem to have come up with a winner this time. Interesting new technology - CLICK the image below to see what it's all about

2016-07-31T11:49:16-04:00Sunday, July 31, 2016|Garden, Gardening|

Summer is upon us

It's always amazing to us how summer suddenly arrives in Quebec after a fairly short and concentrated spring. Certainly it is here today and we have been labouring outside trying to get a head start on things. Dandelion flowers needed strimming off before they can set seed (how I love doing that - nasty little [...]

2014-05-25T15:12:29-04:00Sunday, May 25, 2014|flowers, Garden, Gardening|

First daffodil of the year

With only one week to go before May-Day, the first daffodil of the spring finally opened in the garden today. A clump of sanguinaria is also in flower, but by the time they were observed they were in shadow so their portraits will be taken another day.

2014-04-24T16:37:04-04:00Thursday, April 24, 2014|flowers, Garden|

The Great St Valentine’s Day Storm

Which is to say, the huge and deadly storm that paralysed the US but which was just another day in paradise up here where we fit winter tires to our vehicles ... A nice dump of snow made everything look shiny and new again so we did some photography up at the arboretum. Winter has [...]

2014-02-14T17:10:41-05:00Friday, February 14, 2014|arboretum, trees, winter|

Bright, white day

Today started at -19C and didn't really get any hotter but the sun has been shining from a clear blue sky and it's the sort of day (assuming you have a decent coat and boots) to really appreciate.  hard to understand why so many people (the snow birds) flee winter for long weeks in steamy [...]

2013-12-16T17:06:31-05:00Monday, December 16, 2013|baie d'urfe, winter|

Philipsburg Bird Sanctuary

We are doing a lot of renovation and upgrading work at the BPQ bird sanctuary at Philipsburg about 90 minutes drive south of here near the US border. Last weekend we were doing some trail mapping and I took the opportunity to snatch a few short video clips ... I hasten to add that these [...]

2013-07-07T12:19:22-04:00Sunday, July 7, 2013|birds, BPQ, sanctuary|
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