Rejuvenating the Wildlife Pond

Over twenty years ago, faced with a large garden and looking for an interesting challenge we decided to install a garden pond. Edited anonymous quotation: I built my first backyard pond about twenty years ago. After seeing a massive pond on a rural garden tour, I was hooked. The sound of [...]

2022-06-03T21:43:19-04:00Friday, June 3, 2022|Baie-D'Urfe, Garden, Gardening, pond, wildlife|

Upgrading the (Famous) Bird Pond

Making the pond more attractive ... to birds as well as ourselves Almost as long as J and I have been gardening here, say 20 years, we have had a pond. My back still remembers digging the hole one very hot and dry summer at a rate of about ten shovels-full a day after [...]

2018-09-30T13:21:58-04:00Thursday, September 27, 2018|Baie-D'Urfe, birds, Garden, Gardening|

Pontaderia invasion

The Pontaderia cordata in the pond is in full bloom at the moment and looking gorgeous at the foot of the waterfall.  For some reason it's common name is pickerell weed, but I prefer Pontaderia. Interesting factoid:  "The flowers of the species are tristylous, meaning the styles of individual plants occur in three different [...]

2016-12-07T19:43:50-05:00Thursday, July 21, 2016|flowers, Garden, Gardening|
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