A little squirrely joy for a winter’s day …

Clearing out the basement, well, truthfully, a corner of the basement a few days ago I uncovered a three hole pipe which, for those readers who are not into folk music, is the blown half of a pipe and tabor - the original "one man band". Once upon a time I learned to [...]

2021-02-19T18:44:08-05:00Friday, February 19, 2021|

Winter Music

This winter, instead of sorting through the CDs deciding what seasonal music to listen to while putting up the winter tree I opted to spend a happy afternoon creating a seasonally specific Spotify playlist - and sharing it. We do Christmas, of course we do, but we really enjoy the Winter Solstice [...]

2020-12-14T22:19:54-05:00Sunday, December 20, 2020|

Desert Island Discs

Meandering through the undergrowth of the internet recently I was reminded by a randomly encountered posting of the BBC’s Desert Island Discs radio programme of long ago and the perennial pub question – what (and why) would be your eight records of choice if that was all you could have with you while cast away? If [...]

2013-03-01T12:04:13-05:00Friday, March 1, 2013|

Montreal summer, snakes and Finlandia

After weeks (months even) of moaning about the cool, wet summer this year we have finally got our come-uppance.  We have enjoyed several days of brutal heat now and today the forecast temperature is 32 deg (with the humidity they reckon we have a humidex of 43 deg) and this little corner of paradise is [...]

2009-08-17T11:09:24-04:00Monday, August 17, 2009|
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