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Ile Bizard at the end of summer

WE never managed to get to visit the park on Ile Bizard this spring and so missed all the "good" birds that were reported from there so decided to take a walk there this non-labouring Labour Day holiday.  This is a really wonderful park run by the Montreal city authorities with extensive marsh and forest [...]

2010-09-06T15:32:30-04:00Monday, September 6, 2010|

A very busy garden ten minutes

Today has been warm but rather dull and dreary with threatening, but non-appearing, rain most of the time.  Around 17:30 we gave in and put on the garden sprinklers and within ten minutes we were overwhelmed by the influx of birds, birds and more birds.  At one point we had the following species all in [...]

2010-08-15T16:56:15-04:00Sunday, August 15, 2010|

Wet birding

After a couple of years of dithering we have bought ourselves a pair of kayaks to complement the canoe we already enjoy ... somewhat lighter and easier to load onto the car.  Today was their first outing ... conditions on the lake were less than ideal with a strong wind and good waves but we [...]

2010-07-18T16:47:36-04:00Sunday, July 18, 2010|

Butterflies by the river

Steaming heat again and we decided to go somewhere different this weekend - not far, just along the Parc nature de Cap St-Jacques where we wandered the wooded edges of the river and caught some breezes (and hatched a plot to buy a couple of kayaks - but we'll save that for another day). Plenty [...]

2010-07-12T18:53:21-04:00Monday, July 12, 2010|

In the garden today

Late June and early July are proving to be simply full of colour .... here are a selectioj of the flowers in bloom in our small plot this morning.  The Lilium regale, the three spired Yucca and the spectacular magenta Dahlia are the stars of the show at the moment but all the Lilies are [...]

2010-07-04T15:57:47-04:00Sunday, July 4, 2010|


Bread If I come back as anything more intelligent than a rabbit or a squirrel then I might well decide to be a baker in my next life.  Baking bread is just a lot of fun, you keep out of trouble, you put food on the table and you get to share a bottle of [...]

2010-06-08T12:53:59-04:00Tuesday, June 8, 2010|

The biologists from the MBO (McGill Banding Station) chose today to take part on their annual fund-raising event – the Baillie Birdathon – to raise funds to support their important research on bird migration and population studies.  Being green minded people they choose to do this by foot, walking the trails of the arboretum and [...]

2010-05-22T12:36:08-04:00Saturday, May 22, 2010|

More flowers … and inside the chalet

More flowers are appearing in the garden ... the Hellebores in particular are putting on a very fine show this year: Meanwhile in the arboretum the thaw continues and many paths are a tad soggy Indoors at the arboretum, however, we were welcoming visitors to the sugaring-off open day to visit [...]

2010-03-21T20:23:53-04:00Sunday, March 21, 2010|

Breakfast time

I was quietly eating my breakfast yesterday morning about dawn when there was a thump on the window.  Another confused Chickadee I assumed and almost didn't bother going out to look, but being a worrying sort of a chap I decided I'd better go and see if some resuscitation was required ... what I found [...]

2010-02-26T17:40:00-05:00Friday, February 26, 2010|

Owl at the Arbo

We rounded off the first week of our ArBY (Arboretum Big Year) with a close up and personal view of the Barred Owl that a friend had reported a few days ago.  It was sitting in a tree overlooking the field between the Sugar Shack and Chalet Pruche which seems to have been the same general area, [...]

2010-01-10T17:03:25-05:00Sunday, January 10, 2010|
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