Baffled Squirrel

Our garden bird feeders are almost always knee-deep in gray squirrels that scarf down the reject seeds thrown out by the birds above but occasionally a cute and high-speed red decides to join them. In the sour-cherry tree In the katsura tree Baffled by the squirrel-baffle

2014-03-02T12:44:43-05:00Sunday, March 2, 2014|Garden, mammals, squirrels|

Taking the sun

It's the beginning of february and the air is going to be cold and crisp for some weeks to come - but the sun is getting a little higher in the sky each day and you can actually start to feel some heat in its rays when there is no wind. The garden squirrels really [...]

2014-02-03T12:20:00-05:00Monday, February 3, 2014|baie d'urfe, Garden, mammals, squirrels, wildlife, winter|

2014 – another new year

A new year and a new birding challenge (several in fact) started with bright sunshine, a clear blue sky and temperatures hovering around -20C. It promises to be more like -28C by tomorrow morning though with windchill of -42C plus some snow  so we will take the sun and today's more balmy conditons, thank you. [...]

2014-01-01T15:20:58-05:00Wednesday, January 1, 2014|birds, mammals, winter|

A better balanced digiscoping outfit

A couple of weeks ago I posted some details about the new digiscoping rig that I have invested in ready for retirement when I could have the the potential of seven day a week birding and wildlifing (it isn't going to happen - I do have other things in my life) ... since when, it has [...]

2013-07-22T19:02:36-04:00Monday, July 22, 2013|digiscoping, mammals, photography|

Garden Rabbits

In the past week the brown grass that emerged from under the snow has started to green up as the soil warms a bit and that has brought our resident rabbit out for supper the past couple of evenings ... actually it was one rabbit during the winter but now we seem to have three, [...]

2013-04-25T18:12:31-04:00Thursday, April 25, 2013|Garden, mammals, wildlife|

Kenauk 2012 – the synopsis

Kenauk 2012 The best place on earth(worth noting that this is a somewhat 'manipulated' image ... but you will get the feeling for the place) Anyone familiar with my jottings will be only too well aware, and possibly somewhat bored with mentions of our annual September visits to a remarkable place called Kenauk. [...]

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