Flowers and insects

First week in June and things are going strong. Yesterday was a day of extreme rain and thunder around here so the mosquitoes are about this morning and roaming gangs. All that rain and a bit of heat today though has really spurred plants into growth. The vegetables are sootting up - first lettuces will [...]

2014-06-04T15:20:14-04:00Wednesday, June 4, 2014|flowers, Garden, Insects|

Planting Day

This year, being retired folks, we get to visit the garden centres a few days before the big Victoria Day Weekend and so have the choice pick of the plants without the awful crowds. Sheer bliss. It's an expensive way to garden, but the hanging baskets and window boxes are being prepared and the newly [...]

2014-05-15T15:19:31-04:00Thursday, May 15, 2014|flowers, Garden, Gardening, vegetables|


The front garden (on a sunny slope, discretely positioned) garlic patch from this summer has been dug over, doubled in size, stirred and filled with composted stable manure, rained on a couple of times and tomorrow will be receiving its garlic bulbs ready for another bumper and tasty crop next summer. What with the trees [...]

2013-10-18T14:45:50-04:00Friday, October 18, 2013|Garden, Gardening|

Iranian bread (sort of)

We purchased an Iranian flat(ish) bread recently that was so excellent I tried to reproduce it.  What I managed to come up with - and this is a work in progress that has to be refined - was a perfect simulacrum of the original in all respects except that it was most decidedly not flat [...]

2013-02-03T15:23:06-05:00Sunday, February 3, 2013|bread, Food, recipe|

Christmas food highlights – part 1

Food is important and home made comestibles even more so ... a few highlights thus far have included: The Great Christmas Cake - the band on top have played there for decades and the design has never changed. All is well with the world. The Great Glazed Ham - this started the [...]

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Brown Downy and Chocolate Pastry

Now the snow has come we have seen more activity at the feeders, including this Downy Woodpecker with brown feathers on he wings instead of the regulation black.  We had one a couple of years ago but this variation is not at all common and worthy of mention ... It also counts towards by quota [...]

2011-12-26T13:55:53-05:00Monday, December 26, 2011|birds, Food, recipe|
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