Prague Light.

Nine years ago we were birding and botanising in Austria and the Czech Republic with a pause for history and culture in Prague. I was especially struck by the interplay of light on the stone columns in this medieval cathedral.

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Central European Lifers

41 Lifers from our recent trip to Austria and the Czech Republic. If you like this sort of thing you may be impressed - if you don't feel free to groan and roll your eyes ... here they are in order of sighting. But first, a "borrowed" picture of one of the stars of the [...]

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Carpathian tour 2013 – Birds and Flowers.

**note:  this is an abbreviated trip report for the journal, an aide memoir for us and something preliminary to share with friends.  Accordingly, illustrations are minimal and representative - a more comprehensive (but well edited - we promise)  photo gallery and hopefully the usual limited selection of 'art' photos will be appearing later for anyone [...]

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