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Vintage Pictures

Pictures From a Different Age For reasons I won't bore you with I have been evaluating a couple of software packages for "digitally developing" RAW format photos from my cameras.  One of the test pictures I have been working with was taken in May of this year in England when, with friends, we [...]

2019-09-08T12:05:49-04:00Sunday, September 8, 2019|

England 2016 – a Photographic Sampler

Although not a birding trip, there are birds to be seen; rather more often there are gardens and vistas. The first ten days or so of May were spent visiting friends and family in England. Let it be said that this post is for our own amusement and reference but it has wider appeal, we [...]

2016-05-13T14:50:08-04:00Friday, May 13, 2016|

Garden redux

After many months of playing the part of a builder's yard, the garden is finally starting to return to its former shape (not glory yet, but we'll get there in time). It's amazing the effect a bit of decent turf - or sod as Canada calls the stuff - and some warm rain can have [...]

2015-07-24T15:06:00-04:00Friday, July 24, 2015|

England – Spring 2010

England - spring 2010 Birds, Old Friends, Magnolias and “The Emmas” During our, now annual, visit to England, as well as catching up with family and friends we managed to fit in many, many pretty good birding and walking opportunities … but more of them later.  This is not a chronological record of our travels [...]

2010-05-01T17:39:43-04:00Saturday, May 1, 2010|

Hissing Sid and The Emmas …

After a couple of weeks of silence we are back from sunny (and it was) England and the  volcanic flight embargo with tales of fine birding, good cheer, immense frustration with the air traffic authorities and many photographs. All this will take time to assemble and make available, but be assured that you will shortly [...]

2010-04-23T12:11:40-04:00Friday, April 23, 2010|

England in brief …

Now we have some photographs to illustrate the message posted here from a hotel room a couple of days ago. Spring is sprung over there with a glorious display of what is probably my favourite flowering tree - the Blackthorn.  Given that you get these fabulous drifts of white flowers at this time of the [...]

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