Nostalgia – Origins

This will be the third year we have not travelled abroad and next year it will be four when (we hope) a safe visit to chums and relatives in England might just be possible ... sorting out old photographs I happened on a few nostalgic images from (relatively) recent visits. [...]

2022-02-02T19:05:32-05:00Wednesday, February 2, 2022|England, europe|

The Harrogate “Tut”.

This quotation from a book J and I are currently reading is directed at Yorkshire friends who will, I hope, instinctively know the lady in the last sentence. For everyone else, even those poor souls who do not know where Yorkshire is, I am sure that you will be amused. The book [...]

2021-09-02T18:54:47-04:00Thursday, September 2, 2021|commentary, England, Food|


On Golden Cap, Dorset One from the archives ... a beautiful day's walking on the Dorset cliffs back in 2012 with my sister. Clearly it gets breezy up there.

2021-06-13T05:50:32-04:00Sunday, June 13, 2021|England, Landscape|

Storm’s a-coming

Dorset 2012 This was on the Jurassic Coast one summers day nine years ago. Its had been gloriously sunny up to this point but photographically this was the star of the day. I don't recall getting wet but my sister's car was nearby. [...]

2021-02-12T17:02:12-05:00Friday, February 12, 2021|England, Landscape|

Fantasy Greenhouse

Memory Sunday #19 This is somewhere in Somerset that we visited in 2012 ... I might even kill someone to be able to play in a greenhouse like this one. The rhubarb forcing pots are appealing too.

2020-10-18T06:00:24-04:00Sunday, October 18, 2020|England, Landscape|

Memory Sunday #13

Circular Motion This dates back to 2014 and was taken in a National Trust property near Cambridge called Anglesey Abbey. I had forgotten all about the droptes flying off the dogs wagging tail - someone was having a good time! EXIF details

2020-09-06T06:00:12-04:00Sunday, September 6, 2020|England, Landscape, people|

Vintage Pictures

Pictures From a Different Age For reasons I won't bore you with I have been evaluating a couple of software packages for "digitally developing" RAW format photos from my cameras.  One of the test pictures I have been working with was taken in May of this year in England when, with friends, we [...]

2019-09-08T12:05:49-04:00Sunday, September 8, 2019|Art, England, photography|

Garden redux

After many months of playing the part of a builder's yard, the garden is finally starting to return to its former shape (not glory yet, but we'll get there in time). It's amazing the effect a bit of decent turf - or sod as Canada calls the stuff - and some warm rain can have [...]

2015-07-24T15:06:00-04:00Friday, July 24, 2015|England, flowers, Garden, Gardening|
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