Note to self … this reanimated web-journal is supposed to serve two purposes.  As an aide-memoire for our declining years and to provide photographs and comment on matters of interest in a manner that  may keep our small, but loyal, readership coming back for more. So – “Don’t be boring”. That could be tricky :) [...]

2011-12-19T13:05:40-05:00Monday, December 19, 2011|

England in brief …

Now we have some photographs to illustrate the message posted here from a hotel room a couple of days ago. Spring is sprung over there with a glorious display of what is probably my favourite flowering tree - the Blackthorn.  Given that you get these fabulous drifts of white flowers at this time of the [...]

2009-04-18T15:45:06-04:00Saturday, April 18, 2009|

State of the Birds Video

You can view the wonderful video I referred to in yesterday's posting at this link ... take time to view it please.  This link is a little more direct than the earlier one.

2009-03-21T11:55:26-04:00Saturday, March 21, 2009|

The State of Birds in America

Cornell in conjunction with the US Fish and Wildlife Service have produced a major report on thye state of birds in the US today ... as they say "Birds are a priceless part of America’s heritage. They are beautiful, they are economically important—and they reflect the health of our environment. This State of the Birds [...]

2009-03-20T16:29:22-04:00Friday, March 20, 2009|
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